Master & Commit

High school is a particularly tough time for the teenagers of Alex. We offer classes in high schools in Alex to support these teenagers and provide them with tools for coping with the stress and anxiety related to being a teenager living in Alex.

Grade 8

Once a week all Grade 8 students participate in a session chair yoga in the classroom. By integrating extensive breath work we equip them with techniques to cope better during exams. 

Three afternoons a week, students can participate in after school clubs such as chess and other board games, drama, dance, book club and maths club.

Afternoon outings are organised for students participating in the clubs.

Grade 11-12

Once a week, Grade 11 and 12 students participate in a kundalini yoga class.

This is also the period of time that we start to offer additional support services to students that show commitment to the program and themselves. Students can attend weekend study workshops where they combine yoga with quiet, productive study groups.