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Our mission


Fulfilling potential one breath at a time.
Enabling youngsters to break out of the cycle of poverty by learning to take thoughtful control of their bodies and choices.



That all youngsters who participate in Yoga4Alex can learn to cope effectively with stress so they can focus on their schoolwork and personal development.



Meet our team of teachers and facilitators

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Founder, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach

Dr Marianne Felix

Marianne Felix is a qualified Kundalini yoga instructor and a medical doctor who specialized in Occupational Medicine. Her focus has always been preventive medicine. Her PhD on asbestos related diseases resulted in the South African government spending millions to rehabilitate asbestos waste dumps in Limpopo. During Mbeki’s denials years she focused on HIV prevention. She realised that young people in Alexandra need a tool to cope with the stresses of everyday life. In October 2011 she gave her first yoga class in Alex to Grade 12 students.


Yoga Instructor and Drama Student

Bongekile Nguza

Bongekile was born in KwaZulu Natal and lived with different family members until she came to live with her aunt in Alexandra in 2014. Her two cousins attended yoga regularly so she went with and discovered yoga helped calm her racing mind.

With the support of Yoga4Alex she completed the two year program to become a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in July 2017. In addition she has attended three part-time drama training courses at the Market Laboratory.

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Yoga and International Dancer

Dipuo Banda

Dipuo was born in Alexandra and lived with her granny and sisters.  In 2012 Dipuo was given the opportunity to complete her last two years of schooling at The Miri Piri Academy in India where the curriculum included Kundalini teacher training.

Dipuo is passionate about dance and in 2016 completed a one year training course with Joburg's premier contemporary dance program, Moving into Dance. Through dance she has travelled to Turkey and Nigeria to perform.


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Yoga Instructor and University Student

Sindiso Moyo

Sindiso passed his matric well in 2012. He was ready for tertiary studies, but life gave him a hard knock. He couldn’t go to university because he didn’t have the required identity document.  

In 2015 his brothers, who had been attending yoga since 2011, introduced him to yoga as a way to boost his diminishing self esteem and hope for a university education.

Sindiso is keen to spread this life changing technique to all young people who are surrounded by negativity. He will complete his two-year Kundalini teacher’s training in July 2018. His dream of attending University has become reality as he is enrolled as a full-time student at Maharishi Institute.

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Yoga Instructor

Fulufhelo Ramango

Fulufhelo was born in Limpopo and moved to Johannesburg in 2010 to further her studies. A chance encounter in 2014, with Dr. Marianne Felix inspired her to practice yoga. After a year of doing yoga she decided to become a yoga teacher so that she could "touch other people who are struggling emotionally and spiritually."

With the support of Yoga4Alex she completed the two year program to become a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in July 2017.

Fulufhelo is registered with INTEC for a two year course in Developmental Psychology. Her dream is to become a qualified counsellor.  


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Yoga Instructor

Nollin Mudau

Nollin was born in Limpopo and moved to Johannesburg in 2010 to look for work and further her studies. She attended the Kundalini Yoga classes offered at Afrikatikkun in 2014 and she felt she had found a practice that would make a meaningful difference in her life.

She remained involved in Yoga4Alex and in 2016 she began her Kundalini Yoga teacher training with the support of AKYTTSA because she wanted to teach yoga to school children in Alex.

Nollin is registered with INTEC for a two year course in Developmental Psychology. She is interested in offering yoga to the people in Alex because "the people who stick with yoga realize that they make decisions that are more constructive than destructive”.

"I have taken a practice that is new to a community and advocated yoga as a good way to deal with the stress of township life. I know that it is the yoga that has allowed me to take charge of my life. I want to share this knowledge and teach this incredible technique to youngsters who want to succeed in life but do not know how to take the first step." -Bongekile, Yoga4Alex Instructor

“I joined Yoga4Alex because I wanted to be part of a solution. Yoga has changed ‘me’ in a good way. It has healed me and made me believe in myself. So many students have low self-esteem and with the yoga and meditations they learn to trust themselves and be themselves. Like Yogi Bhajan says 'yoga is not going to make you great, yoga is going to make you YOU'."  -Dipuo, Yoga4Alex instructor

"On reflecting on my past I realize that for five years I was paralyzed by fear that was all consuming. In contrast it feels like a miracle that with two years of yoga I have taken full responsibility for my destiny and have found the inner strength and courage to take risks to improve my life." -Fulufelo, Yoga4Alex Instructor

“Before I started doing yoga I felt life was not fair. I also had trust issues. I didn’t like to share my problems with anyone. Through yoga I learnt to breathe and be calm. With every yoga session I have learned to focus on myself and do the best I can. I don’t have to worry what my neighbor is doing. I have come to understand myself. I have started to be open and lately my face is glowing.” -Sindiso, Yoga4Alex Instructor

our history



Dr. Marianne Felix started her first series of Kundalini yoga classes at Realogile High School in Alex after work. Thirteen Grade 13 male students attended regularly. Mina Modiba travelled with Marianne in and out of Alex.




The group grew with nine new Grade 11 and 12’s joining the classes. Weekly classes continue at Realogile. A weekend workshop is held at 4Living Guesthouse with the 2011 group sleeping over.

Mentorship support for the the class of 2011 gets positive results with Lucas Manhica being accepted to the African Leadership Academy and UPS offering two Yoga4Alex youngsters an internship.




The challenges of hosting classes in Alex drove the team to offer classes in a more serene, safe, and peaceful setting. So classes and weekend workshops are held at  4Living Guesthouse. The students respond incredibly positively to this new setting and more trust is built.  Four more youngsters join and come regularly.



A new venue for classes is provided by Afrika Tikkun so Yoga4Alex expands their offering of free yoga classes on weekdays to young people attending a Job Readiness program.  Thirteen more students join the group. Some come to the Saturday yoga classes at 4Living Guesthouse.

A group of Yoga4Alex alumni students attend a weekend workshop on gender issues and non violence run by Phaphama at Melody Hill in Magaliesburg. 



Popularity builds and ten new students join the group.  Fulufhelo, Bongekile and Emmah express interest in becoming yoga teachers and in October enrol for the first of four six-monthly modules. Dipuo returns from two years of schooling at the Miri Piri School in India and attends Yoga4Alex classes that happen every Saturday at 4Living Guesthouse.  The first two Yoga4Alex youngsters start working at the 4Living Guesthouse every weekend.

A group of 20 Yoga4Alex youngsters travel to Magaliesburg to attend the second Gauteng Spring Kundalini Yoga Festival, SKYFest.


Eleven more students join bringing the total group to 58 youngsters who feel Kundalini yoga helps them stay calm and bring focus and clarity to their lives. 

The yoga teachers in training start giving the afternoon classes at Minerva and Realogile High Schools in Alex. Between 10 and 20 school students attend their classes regularly. 

Sindiso begins his journey to become the first qualified male Kundalini yoga instructor in Alex.

Yoga4Alex holds its first 67 minutes of Yoga4Mandela at Thusong Community Centre in Alex and 100 people participate

Mitzvah students study in the 4Living Garden during the Matric study break in October. They participate in daily yoga and meditation during that week.



Yoga4Alex wins the Live to Give Grant awarded by International 3HO and Yogi Tea, and officially becomes registered as an NPO.

Five Kundalini yoga instructors teach yoga in five highschools in Alex. Each week 2,000 Grade 12 students participate.

Yoga4Alex holds its second 67 minutes of Yoga4Mandela on the astroturf of Grassroots Soccer Altrec in Alex and 200 people participate.

The “Live to Give Grant” is used to take 71 high school students to SKYFest at Mopani Lodge.Mitzvah students study in the 4Living Garden during the Matric study break in October. They participate in daily yoga and meditation during that week.