How yoga changed my life

Sindiso Moyo - July 2016

Every day I would wake up and watch the sun as it rose and watch it as it disappeared under the horizon. Each time the sun set, a piece inside of me died. A hope I once had was vanishing every day.

My name is Sindiso Moyo. I’m a young ambitious man. I passed my Grade 12 with flying colors in 2012. I was ready for tertiary studies, but life gave me a hard knock. I couldn’t get to university because I didn’t have an identity document. I felt like all my hard work to get a good matric was in vain. I would cry alone, looking at all my former classmates as they posted on Facebook and WhatsApp about their new lifestyle. 

I was introduced to yoga by my brother. Through yoga, his life had changed significantly. Before I started doing yoga I felt life was not fair. My mind, body, and soul were completely separated. This caused a huge amount of stress. My dreams had turned to nightmares that haunted me during the day and night. I stopped reading novels and writing because they just bored me. I also had trust issues. I didn’t like to share my problems with anyone. This caused the weight on my shoulders to triple every day. I was all ALONE.

Through yoga I learnt to breathe and be calm. This has put me in a better state of mind. With every yoga session I have learnt to focus on myself and do the best I can. I don’t have to worry what my neighbor is doing.   I have come to understand me, what I want and how to go about gaining confidence. I have started to be open and lately my face is glowing.

Yoga has helped me mentally and physically. I am so mentally fit, that even the Yoga4Alex committee has appointed me to work full time as their chairperson. This is an honor to me. I am also gaining physical strength, as now I’m able to hold more difficult postures for longer. I have started to take baby steps towards my innermost happiness. SAT NAM

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