Breaking out of the Poverty Cycle

Alexandra (informally known as Alex), is a township in Johannesburg, where children grow up in an environment characterized by immense poverty, unemployment, violence and crime resulting in a sense of hopelessness that permeates their entire lives.

We offer Kundalini yoga classes to students starting as young as grade one and going through high school and into young adulthood. 

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In addition to yoga classes we offer classes in nutrition, mental health, HIV/ AIDS prevention, self esteem, communication, and skills building.

We mentor those who attend class regularly to help them secure meaningful employment or to succeed at their tertiary studies.  

We are committed to helping youngsters who are willing to take the risk of attending their first yoga class and who return regularly to participate in weekly classes and mentoring.

Chances to get training, build skills, becoming connected with resources, etc. Nutrition, mental health, and self esteem are a few of the issues that are addressed through our work.

We hope that by utilising the programmes that we offer participants will can harness these tools and the serenity achieved in each yoga class back into their everyday lives to use it as a tool to direct them into making thoughtful choices.

Skye Katzeff